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  • Westin Deli
  • Westin Deli
  • Westin Deli
International Restaurant The Terrace
Call to Reserve: +81-3-5423-7778

Pastry Boutique

Nourish your soul with a gourmet experience at The Westin Tokyo's patisserie, Westin Deli, with its myriad of savory delights from cakes, pastries, chocolates, and more.
The Westin Deli, a gourmet experience found right here in the hotel, offers an array of irresistible delicacies-a true feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Choose from our assortment of rich and delectable cakes that melt in your mouth effortlessly.
In addition to the hotel's mouth-watering cakes, Westin Deli serves takeout coffee and the bites that best complement the beverage. Aromatic and beautiful temptations include freshly baked croissants, banana bread, and camembert cheese bread. These can be enjoyed even more with the patisserie's original jams that add delightful flavors according to your preferences.
Candies, chocolates, and truffles are also available for customers who have a love for the sweeter things.
The Westin Deli invites you to an enticing journey of delectable indulgence at our Tokyo patisserie.
Chocolate Pudding
Feb 10 (Sun) - Feb 14, 2019 (Thu)

Inhale the rich scent of our luscious chocolate pudding.
Chocolate pudding and rich chocolate sauce are married in this Valentine's special, which has been made with premium, full-bodied cacao for a melt-in-the-mouth sensory experience. The chic, almost sensual dessert is one to enjoy while fully embracing the moment.

Price: 980 JPY

Strawberry Cakes
Jan 19 (Sat) - Apr 30, 2019 (Tue)

Alongside the cream puffs and puddings, the magnificent Westin strawberry cakes are one of the most popular takeaway items. The regal five-layered classic strawberry shortcake is beset with plump fruit; take a bite, and the individual components will melt in your mouth, leaving you wanting more.

From top: Strawberry Blanc-manger, Fraisier and Linzer fraise

Price: from 680 JPY each
Signature Cream Puff
Soft yet with a bite : our signature cream puffs.
These puffs made with crisp choux pastry and tightly packed with delicate, fluffy cream are bound to put a smile on your face. Cream-loving executive chef Kazuo Suzuki created this version of the famed treat, and has painstakingly perfected it over the years. No wonder it is consistently our most popular takeaway option.

Price: 560 JPY
Low Carb Camembert
Cheese Cake
Boasting a soft, cream texture and rich cheese flavors, the low-sugar cheesecake at Westin Deli contains only 5 grams of sugar compared to 20-25 grams of a regular shortcake.

Price: 630 JPY
The Westin's Special Pudding
Signature pudding with a new appeal Pure satisfaction on your dessert plate.
A delicious update of gourmet experience's signature pudding,with a richer taste than ever. Saved on a plate, thesubtle bitterness of caramel source spreads and fuses wit the delicate sweetness of Wasnbon suger. composing a hevenly harmony.
Price: 540 JPY




All prices are subject to 8% consumption tax.


Pastry Boutique Westin Deli
Tel: 03-5423-7778